Qinza Inter-Disciplinary Artist

Tabdeeli is performance exploring cultural, political, and personal displacement. Meaning “transformation” in Urdu, Tabdeeli considers the notion that the sum of our contributions and reactions rise above our individual talents and labor.
Seven dancers, three to five musicians, and a female singer comprise the performance team, with choreography based on charcoal drawings created in real time while listening to Trump's announcement of his plan to ban, denigrate, and vilify Muslims and citizens of Muslim countries. Notions of resisting, pushing against, and transcending barriers, taboos, and social and political norms, are expressed as dancers stretch and perform in translucent fabric sheaths worn over nude body suits. Musicians and instruments, including piano and violin, are sheathed together for the duration of the performance, displacing movements to form novel gestures and sounds.
Tabdeeli was performed as part of the Itinerant Performance Art Festival at Queens Museum and Last Frontier, NYC curated by Hector Canonge. May, 2017

 Photo credit: George De Castro Day & Michelle Corporan