Qinza Inter-Disciplinary Artist

A seesaw divided by a double-sided mirrored wall. The wall has an opening in the center-bottom area where the seesaw is situated. The height of the opening is such that when children ride the seesaw, they can see and interact with each other at eye level. However when adults ride it, they mostly see their own reflections.

This piece is about the loss of the innocence of childhood. Children are naturally open-minded and carry no preconceived notions about others. As we grow into adulthood, our opinions change and many of us become more jaded. Labels take shape while tolerance diminishes. The sculpture encourages people to embrace differences and reconnect with their inner child. By accepting others as they are (without labels), we break down the walls that keep us apart, while celebrating diversity and encouraging self-reflection.

Bolo (Qinza Najm & Saks Afridi)