Qinza Inter-Disciplinary Artist

This performance was created in response to Donald Trump’s original travel ban, before it was struck down by courts, as a call for unity in the face of a leader preying on divisiveness and engaging in authoritarian tactics. Under the guise of a fashion show, seven performers in neutral bodysuits circle the “catwalk,” each wearing a fashionably printed or statement-laden headscarf and carrying a flag from one of the seven Muslim-majority countries included in the travel ban. In placing themselves on display, they assert their agency, individuality, and demand visibility, reminding us of the common humanity that unites us all. Performers also carry signs reading #bannomore, encouraging spectators to share photos of the performance with the hashtag to spread the message further and with great immediacy.

Photo Credit: Paul DeRienzo & George De Castro Day

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  •  Swirls8 Mixed Medium (Acrylic) 12x8'' 2014

    Swirls8 Mixed Medium (Acrylic) 12x8'' 2014