Qinza Inter-Disciplinary Artist

Growing up in Pakistan, I experienced firsthand what it is like to live in a male-dominated country that does not, in practice, provide full protection or equality for women under the law. This project aims to bring attention to the issue of honor killing and the thousands of women worldwide affected by this horrific practice annually. The work consists of a headdress, worn by the performer made from 1100 empty gun shells, represent 1100 women who lost their lives to reported honor killings, by male family members, in Pakistan in 2016. 

A headdress is usually worn by women in Pakistan in the form of a hijab, as a sign of "honor" and respect for the family. The empty gun shells were collected from firing ranges in several NYC neighborhoods thus resonant as well with the issue of gun violence in America and school shooting in particular.

The photos of the honor killing victims along with the pictures of the victims from the school shooting in USA were un-rolled from the empty bullets during the interactive performance and the weight of the bullets were shared with the audience.

Performance at Museum of Moving Images

Photo Credit: Josef Pinlac & Michelle Corporan