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In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris and ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, Qinza Najm and other New York Muslims are feeling pressure from non-Muslims to condemn evildoers.


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International Business News article on Damnilookgood

Wear A Hijab, Take A Selfie For The #DamnILookGood Art Project

You have to walk a mile in someone’s shoes to really understand them, the saying goes. In a twist on that idea, Pakistani-American artists Qinza Najm and Saks Afridi are inviting people to wear the traditional hijab veil to understand what it's like to be a Muslim. During a recent Brooklyn arts festival, reported the NY Daily News, they invited passersby to don a hijab, take a selfie and post the picture on social media with the hashtag #DamnILookGood. Their aim: to fight Islamophobia, to educate people on the various meanings of the hijab, and to promote tolerance for those who choose to wear a garment with multiple cultural meanings.


Artnet News article on Damnilookgood

Pakistani Artists Take #DamnILookGood Hijab Selfies


Saks Afridi and Qinza Najm, a photo from #DamnILookGood, which promotes tolerance for women who choose to wear the hijab. Photo: courtesy of the artists.


Rush Art Gallery in Chelsea

Rush Art Gallery in Chelsea: “What will the future bring?” was the question asked by Curate NYC to all the artists who submitted work. New York City has always been the hub of transformation, a bustling center of media / commerce / art / ideas, and it will always keep changing. The work ranged from photographs, collage, and painting.  


Governor Island Exibition

Governor Island: only 100 national and international artists were selected from a pool of huge number of submissions by 4heads team to exhibit their work at Governor Island Art Fair September 2013.



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Arte Fuse - Review

Arte Fuse came to the opening of Pakistani-American artist, Qinza Najm for her solo exhibition “Ego vs. Empathy (Sublime Allegory)”. The dueling forces are resplendent in the paintings on display and also large-scale works fit seamlessly into the vast space.

Solo exhibition  at Time Square NYC blog coverage: 


Lines Magazine - Interview

Coming from Pakistan and seeing
the world through travel exposed
me to a unique mix of eastern and
western cultures. This led to conflicting
values which I have often done battle with
and which, in turn, led me to art. Painting
is meditative. It transports me to an
unknown, magical place where time stops
and the only things that exist are the smell
of paint, the movement of the brushes, and
the focus of the mind on the canvas creating
its own reality. Art and culture combine
to become an expression, and if you can
visualize your thoughts and feelings you can
attempt to articulate them.

The online PDF version is page 6-7

Pakistani Art Auction by Christie’s Held in Dubai

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Art Dubai 2013 Exibition

News Art Dubai (Sikka) Exhibiton

Exhibition May 2013 Dubai

Exhibition May 2013

Working on the current series "Sublime Allegory" at the Broadway NYC studio

NYC studio